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A Origem dos Provérbios: Quem não tem cão, caça com gato

July 3rd, 2014

Pode ser a versão mais divertida/ridícula/creativa sobre a origem:

A Origem dos Provérbios: Quem não tem cão, caça com gato.

No texto citado, adorei em particular a frase “Depois de alguma renitência para com o facto de estarem a comer cão …”


March 27th, 2011


From Richard Brennerman’s eldest daughter:  

There was a young man from Lahore
Whose limericks stopped at line four.
When asked why this was,
He responded, “Because.”


Fête des lumières Lyon and The Fun Theory

February 7th, 2010

Sonia Lino sent some cool media. I am following up with links. Thanks Sonia.

I also put up a copy of the Les Illuminations de Lyon slideshow Sonia sent to me. Click here to open/download.

(This post is dedicated to the snowbound on Feb 7, 2010. May your power stay on. Enjoy!)

Google Interview Questions

November 11th, 2009

There’s good news and bad news here, but I know some of us just like to do these kinds of tests.
15 Google Interview Questions That Will Make You Feel Stupid GOOG.
The article also links to 140 more questions, for those who just can’t get enough.