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10 years of solitude | I once met a girl…

October 4th, 2011

Maria has written a beautiful piece about our Morse (he is OURS, but feel free to possess as well).  Also, my previous post on the 4-line Limerick was implicitly dedicated to Morse. I think he would have enjoyed it, being an aficionado of the form.

Thank you, Maria. Well done! There is so much to say, and so little keyboard, much less literary, talent on my part.

The link follows:

10 years of solitude | I once met a girl….

Beijos e abraços para todos.


March 27th, 2011


From Richard Brennerman’s eldest daughter:  

There was a young man from Lahore
Whose limericks stopped at line four.
When asked why this was,
He responded, “Because.”